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If you have questions or would like to volunteer for a committee, please contact the Activity Director, 972-346-3020, click here to print a Committee Interest Form (PDF) or use the convenient Online Committee Interest Form below.

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Advisory Board Committee
Email: advisoryboard@savannahca.com

Meets at 9 am the 2nd Saturday of each month.

Advisory Board Members:

Barrett Walch
Cathey McLellan
Martin Gonzales

The members of the Advisory Committee serve the community as the liaisons between the Board of Directors and the residents of Savannah.

The purpose of this committee is to create a pool of qualified individuals who can confidently serve as future members of the Board. As such, policies for the community will be based on the Advisor's recommendations.

If you have any concerns or issues related to the HOA (not Builder issues), please contact your Advisor. The Advisors will then meet, review these issues, and discuss plans of action with the Board of Directors.

Communications Committee

Chair: TBD
Email: communications@savannahca.com

The Communications Committee maintains frequent contact with other committees to report current events. It also coordinate receiving reports from other committees as well as generating newsletter submission of articles on a regular basis. And updates on community information related directly to the neighborhood.. 

Hospitality Committee

Chair: Cindy Tague
Meetings: 2nd Thursdays 6:30 pm
Email: hospitality@savannahca.com

The Hospitality Committee actively participates in welcoming new residents to Savannah and also helps with other community-wide activities such as hosting the Annual Meeting, or helping neighbors in need.

Landscape Committee

Chair: Carol Acosta
Meetings: 2nd Tuesdays, 7 pm
Email: landscape@savannahca.com

The “eyes” of the community and advises Premier onsite management on any landscaping needs, i.e. broken sprinkler heads, broken entry lights, etc. The committee works toward increased property values in the community by education and encouraging owners in the community to keep their properties well maintained, through articles in the newsletter and yard-of-the-month program.  

Pool Committee

Chair: Patrick Etie
Co-Chair Robert Flanagan
Email: pool@savannahca.com
Meetings: 4th Mondays, 6:30 pm

View the Pool Rules

Promotes a clean, safe, functional environment by working with Premier onsite management to communicate about what is happening at the pool/amenities. The committee works with Premier to recommend rules and violations for the pool/amenities.

Safety Committee

Chair: Jon TenBroeck
Email: safety@savannahca.com
Meetings: 2nd Wednesdays, 7 pm, contact committee for location

The Safety Committee works with the local police department to promote the Neighborhood Watch Program as well as address other safety concerns such as traffic flow, speed enforcement and other civil issues. The committee also helps to plan the annual National Night Out that informs residents about safety issues along with fun activities.

Nuisance Identification Program (Adobe PDF)

The Texas Department of Public Safety provides an online database listing registered sex offenders. If you would like to view this public record, go to records.txdps.state.tx.us

The Safety Committee would like to remind you that mail tampering and identity theft are a problem these days and a concern for everyone. There are some measures you can take to help prevent it, though...

* Collect your mail as soon as is practical each day.
* Use a PO Box if you frequently leave mail uncollected for a period of time or you are out of town frequently.
* Invest in a good paper shredder and shred all credit card applications and any documents with your personal information on them, as well as any other personal papers that you don't need any longer.
* Get to know your neighbors and work together in watching each others residences.
* Get to know your letter carrier and their delivery schedule for your residence.

Social Committee

Chair: Faye Underwood
Email: social@savannahca.com
Meetings: 1st Tuesdays, 7 pm, Boardroom

The Social Committee initiates and plans social events for the community. Activities range from holiday parties, community barbeques, children’s play groups, pool socials, selecting themes for events, etc. Plan to meet your neighbors and let our onsite staff help you get started.

Participating in this committee is an excellent way to meet your neighbors while you have some fun and help make Savannah a great place to live!

Sports Committee

Co-Chairs: Scott Stankus
Email: sports@savannahca.com
Meetings: 3rd Thursday, 6:30 pm, Boardroom

The Sports Committee plans lots of fun sports events from fishing tournaments to Super Bowl parties to 5K runs etc. Lots of fun for the sports enthusiast!

Our committee also coordinates activities with:

Game Time  Youth Sports
Aubrey Area Youth Sports Association (AAYSA)
380 Youth Sports

Teen Committee

Chair: Christal Olsen
Email: teenfun@savannahca.com
Meetings: First Saturdays, 6:30 pm, Cafe'

The Teen Committee is for kids between the ages of 11-18. The committee is run by the kids (with adult guidance), for the kids. They plan activities and events for the youth of Savannah and even organize fundraising activities so they can pay for the events they plan.

The idea is to get the younger residents involved in their community and promote positive outlets for the kids' energy and creativity.

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